Dual use Conference Room


Equip 2 conference rooms with the following

  • Ceiling mounted projector
  • Ceiling mounted speakers
  • A/V connections run to the wall near the podium
  • Volume control on the wall
  • Set up one of the rooms to be the master so that using one computer can project to both screens and have its audio in all speakers while still only being controlled by one volume control
  • No complicated or custom remotes.


I designed the solution by integrating and customizing hardware so that the master/slave function could be controlled by the flip of a switch, literally.  By flipping one wall switch all control was given to the master and no other settings needed to be changed.  The biggest challenge was the restriction of the custom remote control but by avoiding the custom hardware and software I was unrestricted in my choice of hardware which allowed me to keep cost down for the customer.


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